Shirley's Recent Art, Fall 2007

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Red Barn with Flag
8"x19" $300

Farm with Stone Walls
8"x17" $270

Blueberry Picking on Christie Hill, Sedgwick

Connecticut River from Mt. Holyoke (horizontal)
8.5"x11.5" $200

One Belted Galway, Leverett
12"x14" $340

Pelham Woods #2

Tobacco Barn, Hadley
6"x7" $60

Pelham Woods #1
11"x16.5" $360

Campsite on Wickett Pond, Wendell State Forest
10"x14" $280

A Trail in the Amherst Woods
11"x13.5" $300

Connecticut River from Mt. Holyoke (vertical)
8"x12" $220

Below Mount Toby
11"x14" $300

Farm with Wooden Fence (with ink)
10"x12" sold

Farm with Wooden Fence
8"x12" sold

Three Belted Galways, Leverett
6"x7" $60

White House in the Fall
5"x7" not for sale

Old Albany Road, Greenfield
10"x14" $280

Morning on Wickett Pond, Wendell State Forest
12"x19" sold