The Trip to Bolivia and Peru, 2006

We signed on for a two-week trip to Bolivia on a Quaker Study Tour, mainly visiting projects of Quaker Bolivia Link ( which funds many small-scale development projects in Bolivia, the poorest country in South America. Then we added on a week-long visit to Peru, just sightseeing.

Some of the photos in this story were copied from a slide show and a power point presentation produced by Quaker Bolivia Link.  These are indicated with "(photo by QBL)"

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Our fellow travelers, crossing the pass, and going to the mountain town of Sorata... We got there as soon as we could, to lower ourselves from 12,500 feet (where our plane landed near LaPaz) to 8500 feet, in order to get used to the altitude a little less abruptly. Some photos of Sorata.

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Visiting projects of Quaker Bolivia Link near Sorata, and a little sightseeing

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We spent a few days in LaPaz (one day longer than expected because of demonstrations) - weavers and a school project of QBL. Lively demonstrations had the city in turmoil.

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Back on the Altiplano again, we visited greenhouse and water projects of QBL.

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A trip to Tiwanaku, center of an ancient pre-Inca civilization, was an interesting day trip.

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Lake Titicaca is a spectacle, and near it we visited a medical center of QBL, but could not continue on to the Peru border because the road was closed by demonstrators.

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A visit to a dairy project led instead to a great day with Evo Morales, the President of Bolivia, and a huge crowd of his admirers.

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The demonstrations blocked our expected road to Peru, so we took a long way around and eventually to to that country.

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We entered the Sacred Valley, the location of many Inca sites.

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And at the end of the train ride, there was Machu Picchu.