Around Lake Titicaca

This is the medical center build with the help of Irish Friends. It is the most expensive project that QBL has undertaken and was in danger of not being completed. But Irish Friends came to the rescue. We were told that all Irish Friends contributed one day's wages to the effort, and the Irish government also chipped in to get it finished. Now it serves an area that previously had no health service anywhere around. I recall visiting this project when it was just a pile of adobe bricks, in 1998.. (photo by QBL)

We had hoped to go to Cocacabana, near the Peruvian border, and those of us continuing to Peru were to cross into Peru not far from there. But the road was blocked by demonstrators, so we backtracked, and stayed at a hotel on Lake Titicaca. And we had a chance meeting, sort of, with President Evo Morales! More on that later.

Here is one of the famous reed boats which are still in some use on the lake, though mostly for tourists. We had a ride in one, later on.

The hotel had a kind of museum, too - here is a demonstration of how little goes to waste in Bolivia, with shoes made out of old tires.

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