entering Peru

When we entered Peru there was a visible change in the level of prosperity - the houses were better, the crops were greener, and the prices were about twice the Bolivian prices. We stopped in a small town with a beautiful town square and an impressive Spanish church:

and of course, like most towns, a craft market - where in this one we bought a very beautiful handmade tablecloth.

The tablecloth, and its weaver

Next we took a boat ride out to a very unique community.  This group felt unsafe, many years ago, and decided the only safe place to live free from attack was on Lake Titicaca, so they built islands of reeds (a reed that grows abundantly in the lake) - floating islands - and build their homes on them. We took a ride out to one of these islands and walked around a bit, kind of like walking on a waterbed. And we took a ride on the reed boat in the photo, over to another one of the islands. There are about 1200 people living on these floating islands.

Next in our travels we stopped at a place which had very high class handmade crafts, and also a number of cameloids of various types (alpaca, llama, and others less well known.) I love this picture of Shirley feeding some grass to a hungry llama!

Peru is very mountainous, but in the flat places it is common to see these pedicabs taking people or other things around.

... and also common in most towns to see markets like this one, full of all sorts of things - clothes, trinkets of all sorts, even CDs.

We stopped for the night in Cuzco, where the Spanish influence was apparent in the churches.

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