The start of the trip, and Sorata

Our fellow travelers on the Bolivian portion of the trip, an "international delegation" from six countries: US, England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, and Spain.

Shirley and Roger at a 13,500 foot pass, with the Andes as background

Barbara Flynn was our leader, a 72-year-old Quaker from Northern California. She was great!

This is how we traveled - each van holding ten people.

Roadside scene in Bolivia. . (photo by QBL)

In Sorata this was a typical street scene - lots of food, lots of bottled water, lots more.

The markets were very colorful!

There are buses of course but many local people travel in the backs of pickup trucks, like this.

I was intrigued by their method of paving streets - laying down these interesting interlocking bricks, and then dusting sand over the whole thing to fill in the cracks.

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