Entering the Sacred Valley

We entered the Sacred Valley and very soon began to encounter evidence of the Incas, who ruled here for about a century.  During that century they created massive projects, like this terrace project allowing them to grow crops on the steep sides of the valley.

and these funeral structures:

At Sacsayhuaman there is a large field, still used for large public events, and the walls are made of huge stones, worked and fitted together with incredible skill, leaving no cracks between them even though the stones are immense and all irregularly shaped. This skill in stonework we saw everywhere in the Inca ruins.

Another immense site of terraces, with a temple on top:

Our guide in Peru was Mallko, a man who has a deep interest in the old religion and is a shaman. He took us to this obscure Inca site and performed a ceremony for us, of the old religion.

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