Our dogs Lenni and Dora

Lenni (short for Millenium) - our tri-color long-coat Chihuahua,

Obtained from the Springfield MA MSPCA shelter, where he was labeled as a French Terrier (no such thing!), in December 1999, when he was one year old.

A sweet and gentle dog - very considerate, playful, and happy.

This is Dora (short for Isadora) - named in honor of Isadora Duncan in hopes of encouraging her to increase in flamboyance... She spent six years of her life as a "puppy mill", grinding out puppy Chihuahuas as fast as she could.  Then she was abandoned in a so-called shelter which puts dogs to sleep if they cannot be placed quickly; she was rescued from there by a Chihuahua lover in Bernardston MA, from whom we got her in December 2000.  She is timid but very loving and makes a good companion for Lenni, who really enjoys her company.

The family portrait!