Birds: Albatross and Boobies

This handsome bird is an albatross.

We came across a site which had scores of albatross such as this pair.

We were especially delighted to see this pair doing their courtship dance - a rather elaborate dance with head wagging and beak clicking and such. It went on and on and was a lot of fun to watch... Too bad though that it was behind some small trees.

Here is another nesting site, this time of blue-footed boobies.  They make their nests right on the ground, as do the albatross, and sometimes right in the path!

A closeup of a blue-footed booby. They do not seem to be the least bit afraid of people and happily pose for pictures.

Here is a pair getting ready for the courtship ritual.  This is before...

This is during...

And this is After!

Not all boobies are blue-footed, though. The red-footed boobies make their nests in the trees, one way to avoid conflict with the blue-foots.

And here are some Masked boobies, the third kind of booby on the islands.