People and Scenery

Shirley under an arch in the only city we visited - near the Charles Darwin research station.  The arch seemed to have everything - iguanas, tortoises, frigate birds, sea lions, Devil's Crown, penguins, and even Charles Darwin, overseeing it all.

Roger having a look at the boat (the Daphne), a 69-foot tourist ship which carried 16 passengers.  This was taken as we were approaching it for the first time.  Too bad the scruffy beard got in the way of the boat, but Shirley likes this picture...

A very pretty lagoon.  The color of the water here and in the bays was just beautiful.

A composite shot (two photos glued together) showing a red sand beach.

We really didn't need to be told to stop here, since this was at the top of a cliff, at least 100 feet high. It was near an albatross nesting sight and a favorite place for the albatross to take off. They are big birds, and their takeoff strategy was to run at the cliff and jump off the edge


Civilization! This is actually called the Post Office, and in the past sailors passing by would stop to pick up mail here, or deposit it for the residents. There were occasional attempts to colonize this bleak island, but they all eventually failed. It seems amazing that anybody would even try to colonize the place, with so little water, and 600 miles from South America. But people tried again and again to do so.

Shirley painted a watercolor of this place. Beautiful blue water, isn't it?

From the island of Santa Cruz, a seascape.

This island is what's left of a volcano, with the classic ring shape. The pond inside is sometimes occupied by flamingos, though there were none there when we passed by. The island is perhaps half a mile across, and the photo is a composite of 5 pictures (as you can tell.)

The crew of the ship. The chap in red is Charlie, our guide. He (like all the others) is a Galapogos native - as a matter of law he must be, to be a guide. He was really wonderful, and his English was good too, as a result of his having been a foreign exchange student for a year in the US.

Here are our fellow-passengers.  There were 16 of us for the first several days, and 9 of us after several left on the evening of this picture. We enjoyed this beautiful beach, though nobody went in swimming here.  We did see two sharks slowly moving up and down the beach just a few feet off shore.

Here is Shirley, as we were about to board our plane and leave for home, hugging a tortoise statue!