Sea Lions

There are sea lions everywhere - they are mostly the California sea lion. Here are a few on the beach.

The sea lions seem totally unperturbed at the arrival of people on their beach, though some are a little bit inquisitive, and even playful.

In fact they are so unafraid of people that we often had to step around them when we came in to a dock, since these docks, being flat hard spaces ideal for sea lion snoozing, were often occupied by the time we got there.

The sea lions sometimes really covered the beaches, napping and occasionally snorting at one another. Frequently we would find youngsters nursing while their mothers slept. That may be the case with the two in the foreground here. On this beach there were lots of females and youngsters, but only one or two bulls. The bulls have a tough life, having to continually defend their harem against the attempts of bachelors to intrude.

A staredown with one of our mates.

Shirley relaxing with the sea lions. The one in the foreground has chosen a rock for a pillow. This is hard to understand! but we saw it several times.

Roger having a nonverbal conversation with one of the sea lions.

It was not with this one nor on this beach, but one of the highlights of the whole trip was one time that Roger saw a sea lion frisking in the surf and went in snorkeling to look at it.  The sea lion and Roger had a fabulous time, swimming around each other, the sea lion running at Roger underwater and shooting past, Roger turning to face it, again and again for several minutes.  When Roger finally got out the lion popped his head out of the water to watch and to say goodbye. What fun that was!

One of the oddest sights we saw - this sea lion was upside down in a shallow pool, mostly underwater. Every minute or so he would lift his nose just far enough above water to take a breath, then he would lower it back into the water.  This was such a strange sight that when we first came across this fellow I thought it was a dead sea lion!