Shirley's trip to Iceland, May 20-28, 2005 - a selection of photos

Reykjavik - notice the bright colors.

Statue to the Norse settlers

The van we traveled in, on a lava flow

Lake Myvatn (means "midge")

Wall made of volcanic stone, with snow on top

Eastern fjord area

A tongue of the glacier Vatnajokull, Iceland's largest glacier

Icelandic horse - the only breed in Iceland

Jokulsarlon Lake, the lowest place in Iceland

Kirkjugof (church floor) - really, basalt columns

Baaa! Mother and children

Reynisdrangur near Vik, south coast, with dandelions


Skogar Folk Museum, turf houses which were lived in 100 years ago

Pastoral scene on the south coast


Pingveller National Park, where the American tectonic plate is splitting from the European/Asian tectonic plate.
This is also a very important area historically.

Eden, one of many greenhouses heated by natural geothermal activity, and where all the fresh produce in Iceland is grown.